What is Mediation?

Mediation is a voluntary process wherein the parties choose a neutrally selected individual or individuals to assist them in the negotiation of their differences. The mediator assists the parties navigating through simple or complex and complicated issues, while assisting the parties to communicate effectively and productively in a safe space. The most trusted mediators help parties resolve disputes effectively, discretely, and proactively. Our goal in providing mediation services is simple. We want to provide sustainable resolutions, settle disputes more rapidly, and control and minimize legal costs.

Meet your Mediator:
We have taken this goal so seriously that our mediator, M. Danish Shah, has trained to become a Mediator at Harvard Law School Executive Education Program 1 . Mr. Shah is a family law and employment law lawyer. But his mediation training has taught him to handle multifaceted problems and to enable parties to settle their differences across a variety of contexts. Mr. Shah will help the parties to build value and relationships through the mediation process. Our goal will focus on enhancing the parties’ ability to work toward an agreement by helping them identify their underlying interests and move from positions to interest-based negotiating.